best healthy snacks items for kids

 We often hear that healthy foods are essential for living a disease-free life, but it is very important to know the composition and value of healthy food
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Healthy food contains all the necessary elements for our body like protein, vitamin, fats, and carbohydrates, etc.

 Healthy food is the requirement of our body. It does not let us feel lazy and dull.
so we are disscuss about

best healthy snacks item for kids

Gladful Almondy Protein Mini Cookies Biscuit For Kids And Families, Tasty & Healthy Daily Snack, No Maida, No Preservatives, 150Gm


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Diet Type

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Material Type Free
No Maida, No Preservatives

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Material Feature
Food Safe



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About this item

  • Gladful almondy mini cookies Biscuit helps fulfill 20% daily protein requirements per serving (12-13 cookies)
  • Healthy & tasty snack for the entire family. Tiffin, office & school friendly.

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    Powered with clean and quality ingredients with protein from peas, rice, wheat & whey from milk

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    No maida. No cholesterol. No trans fats. No added preservatives. Made with unrefined cane sugar

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    ent: 150 Gm of Almondy Protien Mini Cookies; Quantity: 150 Gm

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    BRB Popped Potato Chips | Not Baked, Not Fried | 9 Packs X 52 Grams | 3 Flavours – Bhel (3), Sweet Chipotle (3), Salt & Pepper (3) | 60% Less Fat | Low Calorie | Healthy Snack


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About this item

  • COMBO OF 9 PACKS – 3 packs each of Bhel Flavour, Sweet Chipotle Flavour and Salt & Pepper Flavour on Potato Popped Chips. Stock up with this shareworthy m

    ulti pack, great for festive gifting, a party or game night!

  • The newest chip on the block – NOT BAKED, NOT FRIED, POPPED POTATO CHIPS. Light, crunchy and flavourful chips made using an innovative popping technology.
  • SMARTPHONE FRIENDLY CHIPS for a smudge free experience. So, keep playing or chatting on your smartphone while munching on this healthy snack without worrying about greasy fingers.

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    HEALTHY CHIPS with 60% less fat compared to other fried potato chip brands. Lower fat than even baked chips and nachos. Only the highest quality Rice Bran Oil used for garnishing. Trans Fat Free and Zero Cholesterol

  • JUST 1

    10 CALORIES in every serving (25gm). BRB Popped Chips have fewer calories per serving than other fried or baked potato chip products. So you get all the flavour and crunch minus the fat and calories of other snacks.

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tual Muscle Recovery Energy Bar | 12 g Protein | High on Nuts and Berries | No Added Sugar | Chocolate Fudge | Box of 6



About this item

  • All natural

    sweet and salty travel-size protein bar in a rich chocolate flavour for a quick energy boost anytime during the day

  • Gluten Free Zero Added Sugar Granola Free Protein Rich Bar with all 9 essential amino acids; each bar contains 12g protein and 229 Kcal energy for high performance workouts

  • Milk and plant protein based nutrition bar rich in Whey Protein Concentrate; enriched with dates, dried cranberries, almonds and cocoa powder

  • ox; list-style: disc; margin: 0px; overflow-wrap: break-word;”>Ideal for fueling a workout, supporting muscle repair and muscle gain as well as for that delicious in between meal snack
  • Make healthy eating easy with India’s lowest calorie high protein Bars from Aktual; Aktual’s range of protein bars in exotic flavours like chocolate brownie, caramel crunch, chocolate fudge and all natural trail mix ensure you don’t let your cravings get in the way of staying fit

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Frispies Freeze Dried Mango Fruit Chunks Healthy Dehydrated Snacks with The Goodness of Original Real Mangoes Khata Mitha Travel Camping Survival Food for Kid and Adult (20 gm)


Nutty Gritties Mom’s Superfood – Roasted Almonds, Pumpkin, Sunflower, Watermelon, Flax Seeds, Black Raisins, Black Currant, Cranberries and Blueberries – Healthy Snack approved by Mothers – 100g


Flavour Roasted Raw
Weight 200 Grams
Form Dried
Specialty Fat Free, No Artificial Colors, Alcohol Free, No Added Sugar, Salt Free
This is a Vegetarian product.

About this item

  • INGREDIENTS: Roasted Seeds (Zero oil) – Pumpkin (16%), Sunflower (13%), Watermelon (12%), Flax (12%), Roasted Almonds (10%), Dried Cranberries (10%), Dried Blueberries (10%), Black Raisins (10%), Black Currants (7%)
  • Rich Source of OMEGA-3 FATTY ACIDS (1.52g in 100g)- Keeps the heart healthy, promotes brain health during pregnancy, improves eye health and increases metabolism. High in DIETARY FIBRE (8g in 100g) – Helps to ease constipation and builds a strong digestive system. Keeps you satiated for longer which helps in weight management.
  • High in ENERGY – 507 kcal (in 100g). This energy boosting mix can be eaten at any time of the day or night when you feel hungry or low on energy. Rich in VITAMIN E (7mg in 100g – 77% Recommended Dietary Allowance in adults) – an antioxidant good for the skin, hair and a healthy immune system. Source of IRON (4.7mg in 100g – 24% Recommended Dietary Allowance in adults) – Low iron results in fatigue and anemia
  • HOW TO EAT: Snack on it at any time! Whether it’s mid morning, mid day or midnight hunger pangs! Top up on breakfast oatmeal bowls or yogurts. Add as an ingredient to make cakes, granola bars, breads
  • Enjoy a taste of your Mom’s love in every crunch! Keep away for children under 2 years of age, Best Before within 12 Months from Date of Manufacturing.